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EcoWater Systems is the largest and most respected worldwide manufacturer of softeners and water filters.

Water Basics

Water Softener increases the efficiency of heating systems by 20%

100 l
Average daily consumption of water per 1 person

56 210 l
Average amount of water, which person drinks during lifetime

You will use less detergent for washing and cleaning in soft water

Ecowater Systems is a global designer, manufacturer and service provider of innovative, proprietary solutions for domestic water treatment. We maintain and strengthen our position in the market, providing exceptional customer service, excellent product quality and the use of the newest, original solutions in each device.


We focus on anticipating the needs of tomorrow, to take advantage of the growth potential, create a sustainable competitive advantage and strengthen our position in the market. Our products combine ergonomic software, simple mechanisms of operation and attractive design.


We build long-term relationships with our customers, which is based on trust, ethical approach to business, focusing on customers’ needs and reliability of services. We use our advantages in technology and innovation to meet the expectations of the modern customer.


Ecowater Systems is today one of the world's largest manufacturers of home water treatment systems. Our products increase the efficiency of household appliances, save energy, protect your home from damage and improve the comfort of everyday life.

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